Fal Pro Fly Rug

Fal Pro Fly Rug

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The FalPro Fly Rug acts to provide maximum coverage and therefore gives great protection from the suns rays and biting insects. An all in one rug made from a strong but soft fine mesh so provides a 'barely there' level of comfort for the horse. Complete with belly flap, neck cover, tail flap and detachable hood it offers integral protection from biting insects while shielding your horse from the harmful rays of the sun.

This rug protects the skin from burning, overheating and discomfort, while also acting to preserve your horses coat, making sure that the hair does not drain or bleach out, keeping it thick and healthy.

This rug is made up of a combined neck and body piece, covering your horse from head to tail. The FalPro Fly Rug runs from the poll down past the withers, and along the full length of your horses back to a handy tail flap at the rear. It comes down the sides and around the front, closing up at the chest for a close and secure fit. The belly flap affords even more protection. A Flexi Neck design allows the neck to move independently from the body of the rug and means that the rug will remain still on your horses back, while his neck stretches to graze.

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