Bucas Select Cooler Rug

Bucas Select Cooler Rug

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The Bucas Select Cooler rug is made of a 300g Stay-dry Cooler fabric with superb wicking properties. The Stay-dry properties help to dry your horse off quicker after being washed off. Use as an all Purpose Cooler, Travel, Stable or Under rug.

The Cooler features the Bucas internal surcingles and comes with rear attachments to help secure the Select Turnout and the Select Turnin rug to the Cooler when used together.

The Select Cooler can also be used as an under rug under any Bucas rug which has a Combi Neck attachment point including the following ranges:

  • Power Turnouts
  • Smartex Turnouts
  • Irish Turnouts
  • Sun Shower
  • Celtic Stable
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