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Power Turnout Combi Neck Cover.

From £72.00 *



Bucas Irish turnout combi neck cover.

From £45.00 *

Buzz-Off rain combi neck is an additional attachment for the Buzz-Off rain rug.

RRP £43.00
£35.00 *

Neck cover for the Bucas Sun Shower turnout rug

From £32.00 *

Bucas Celtic combi neck cover to match the Celtic stable rug.

From £45.00 *



Bucas Smartex lightweight neck cover for use on any of the Smartex rugs.

From £68.00 *

Bucas Buzz-Off Rain zebra print combi neck cover for the Buzz-Off Rain lightweight turnout rug.

RRP £47.00
£35.00 *

The Bucas Select Rugs offer unbeatable flexibility.

RRP £55.00
From £49.50 *



Bucas Smartex 300g Neck Cover for use with Smartex Rugs.

RRP £89.00
From £81.00 *

Bucas Celtic Combi 300 Heavyweight Neck Cover

RRP £55.00
From £50.00 *

Bucas Irish Combi 300 Heavyweight Neck Cover

RRP £55.00
From £50.00 *

The Lapel Neck Cover is available as an attractive addition to compliment the Lapel Rug.

RRP £29.95
£24.95 *

The FAL-PRO Bulldog Collection - Waterproof, windproof and light to handle makes this versatile rug the most popular in the range. 

RRP £165.00
£99.00 *

Coolex Cooler Neck Cover

RRP £47.99
£29.00 *
RRP £35.00
£32.00 *
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