Heavyweight Turnout Rugs

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Bucas Power heavyweight turnout rug with anti-bacterial Stay-Dry Fleece & 300g Thermobonded polyester wadding

RRP £238.00
£179.00 *
You save £59.00

Bucas Irish Extra heavyweight turnout rug with warm 300g filling.

RRP £115.00
£96.00 *
You save £19.00

The Bucas Irish Extra Pony Heavyweight Turnout rug has the same high performance that gives value for money and super flexibility as offered by the regular Irish Turnout rug.


RRP £92.00
£77.00 *
You save £15.00

The Smartex Extra Turnout BIG NECK is great for Stallions and breeds of horses that tend to be wider across the shoulders like Friesians, Andalusian and Draughts.

RRP £218.00
£179.00 *
You save £39.00

The Bucas Smartex Extra Heavyweight Turnout rug combines superb durability and comfort for your horse across a broad range of temperatures and are considered the most versatile turnout rugs available.

RRP £215.00
£179.00 *
You save £36.00
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