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Bucas Irish turnout combi neck cover.

RRP £50.00
£42.00 *
You save £8.00

Buzz-Off rain combi neck is an additional attachment for the Buzz-Off rain rug.

RRP £43.00
£27.00 *
You save £16.00

Neck cover for the Bucas Sun Shower turnout rug

£32.00 *
The Bucas Celtic Stable neck cover offers superb performance, strength, durability and quality. This neck cover has no filling and is lightweight, designed to pair with the Bucas Celtic Lightweight stable rug and medium weight stable rug, click here and here to view. 

Size giude: S (5'3 - 5’6), M (5’9 – 6’), L (6’3 – 6’6) or XL (6’9 – 7’)

RRP £48.00
£40.00 *
You save £8.00



Bucas Smartex lightweight neck cover for use on any of the Smartex rugs.

£64.00 *

Bucas Buzz-Off Rain zebra print combi neck cover for the Buzz-Off Rain lightweight turnout rug.

£27.00 *

The Bucas Select Rugs offer unbeatable flexibility.

RRP £55.00
£45.00 *
You save £10.00
Bucas Smartex 300G Combi heavyweight neck cover has 300g of fill and matches the Bucas Smartex Turnout rug.
RRP £88.00
£73.50 *
You save £14.50

Bucas Celtic Combi 300 Heavyweight Neck Cover

RRP £55.00
£45.00 *
You save £10.00

Coolex Cooler Neck Cover

RRP £47.99
£29.00 *
You save £18.99

Mark Todd Lightweight Pony Turnout Neck Cover is a light, nylon lined, waterproof and durable neck cover for the Mark Todd Lightweight Pony Turnout rug.

RRP £19.99
£16.99 *
You save £3.00
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